The Brushmill by the Waterfall has lived many lives since being built in 1845 as a hydro-powered sawmill, and then in 1859, as a factory making brushes. In 1976, the property was purchased and converted by the Chart House Restaurant, which operated there for twenty years until it became The Sage Restaurant, then the Brushmill Restaurant, which closed its doors in 2021. With a rich fine dining history, the location became a thing of legend: “we had our first date there”…”I proposed to my wife there”…”my Dad took me there for my birthday dinner every year”…”it was my place to go after a long day”. In October, 2021, we embarked on a 10-month long complete-gut renovation of the 6,600 square foot property.

With the location’s nostalgia top-of-mind, we worked hard to keep the original rustic feel of the building by leaving the old cast iron wheels and leather belts on the ceiling that powered the factory mechanics, installed salvaged wood paneling over new insulation, super-sized photos of the mill’s manager and workers, and created a building history gallery space where guests could learn about the building, but the team elevated the spaces with a three-hundred bottle bronze, climate-controlled wine room, detailed lighting design, a meticulously crafted white oak wine bar, linen drapery, and custom designed furniture upholstered in velvet and corduroy.